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(no subject)
Songs I have bought in the last two days:
  • Leona Lewis - Run
  • Take That - Greatest Day
  • Girls Aloud - The Loving Kind
  • Badly Drawn Boy - Donna and Blitzen
  • Sebastien Tellier - Divine
  • The Divine Comedy - Songs of Love
Of these, I must confess that the best song is Girls Aloud.. It's not that it's necessarily the best song, and when I actually think about it, it's because there's a synth playing a G♯ over the first line of the chorus, and I have a weird thing for G notes. Oh, it being a G note because the entire song is in the key of C♯ anyway, so it's the same thing..

But yeah, there's what I would refer to as a twinkly synth playing G♯, F♯, E♯, D♯ over the chorus, which is the sort of thing that always gets me. F written as E♯ for purposes of consistency, obviously..

Logically, I see no reason why I couldn't manufacture for myself the exact sort of music I like. But where would be the fun in that?

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And you like it because the Pet Shop Boys wrote it?

Well, that would also explain it, though I wasn't previously aware of that. Makes a lot of sense though..

I LOVE Leona Lewis.
You me grlzniteout?

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