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Me, a troll?!
The guy who sits next to me at work has tickets to see Coldplay, supported by Girls Aloud.

Naturally this gives me the perfect opportunity to wax lyrical about the way in which Girls Aloud employ catchy hooks in a departure from the cynical ballad style of other contemporary manufactured pop groups, and in doing so present a much more original source of musical entertainment than the tired and derivative Coldplay.

Now, actually, I pretty much believe this to be true.. But the people at work don't know that - they ought to believe that I'm trying to wind them up. Only they don't. I am either very good, or terribly bad.

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Stylistically speaking, Girls Aloud are no more original than Coldplay. I hope you know that.

I refuse to respond to this blatant troll


Best website I've ever seen. To get you started:


O.J. Simpson used to be a sports player meme, and then he was a movie star meme, but now he was ready to be a Master Meme. A Meme around which news networks were created (Court TV, CNBC, etc.). A Meme around which journalists aligned their personal brands. A Meme around which America became “America.”

This is a post about how I would like to be O.J. Simpson.

Does being ’s0 rand0m’ mean that you collect a lot of memes from pop culture, and find a way to incorporate them into your personal brand, enabling people with minimal personalities to identify with you/respect you because you are able to talk with them about the only things that have ever made their lives’ meaningful: references to old movies that u saw when u were a kid + other miscellaneous totesally rand0m references that u were under the impression ‘no 1 else saw it the way that I did’ when in reality, the majority of American kids all had the same childhood (+/- $10K, depending on ur parents’ occupations)?

(Deleted comment)

Oh dear, you just lost all the credibility you earned by recognising Neutral Milk Hotel lyrics...

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