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(no subject)
My dream last night was weird, and I don't know if I'm glad it was only a dream or not..

So I chatted to Jasna on the phone yesterday for a bit.. And although I have free international calls, this apparently cost £2,500, which is quite a bit of money.. So obviously I'm freaking out, because that's not really money I can spare (and no, at no point does it occur to me that this is an unreasonable charge that couldn't possibly be real). So I was running around London, trying to find a shop, so I could speak to them about the bill.. All the time thinking that maybe my life was now sufficiently messed up that I should just max out all my credit and flee the country or something.. All very odd...

So that's why I'm glad it was just a dream, obviously.. On the plus side though, in this dream I'd lost a stone in weight. So, y'know, not all bad.. And financially, probably worth it..

How very lame...

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Sounds like someone needs a chill pill. :P
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Will that make me more thin? :oP
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No, but I hear meth can do the trick.
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I will leave the chill pills and methamphetamine to you, thank you - I have higher standards than that :oP
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Pish. I don't use, I only enable.
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If anything, you make me feel disabled, so...
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I have modified my journal style so that your comments no longer appear on this post. You lose :o)

See? Go look at the page. This comment no longer displays, though it does still exist ;o)

Your complexes, though annoying, are kind of endearing.

You only called me endearing because you know that nobody will ever see these comments :o(

(Deleted comment)
Your comments are unaffected :o)

haha, funny that you should mention dreams. I dreamed that I went on a date with your brother -- we went to go watch ultimate. And he lost my expensive camera (maybe I would have found it, but then my alarm went off) because he was sleepy from jet lag.

I don't think he actually looked anything like himself -- maybe more like you -- but I definitely called him Ed in the dream. Anyway, very interesting.

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