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(no subject)
Right.. Google's advertising possibly needs a clean up.. Does this make sense to you?

Because it looks to me like somebody pratting around.. And it just links to this:

It just feels so.. pointless...

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It's not really funny.

Or is it?

I find the e-mail from Avon Cosmetics funnier.

Other than the fact is just made me smile whereas the daily funny didn't I really don't know! Because it made me smile that just makes it funnier I suppose.

Avon cosmetics? Just how gay are you?

Pretty gay.

Next question..?

I like how you have primary and secondary friends. :o)

Friends who steal smileys don't get to appear on either list ;o)

Hahah I only use them for you. (hehe this sounded rather gay)

(Deleted comment)
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