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Until I can scan in the pages, here's a transcript of the comments left in my high school yearbook. I've nowt better to do, after all :o)

First off, Lisa Henry. She was one of the people who knew about the whole Liz incident, so she naturally made reference to it. She also came to Sussex, I've seen her about three times so far...
To James,
I hope you have many good 'raunchy' weekends in Wales with your bird. Maybe I'll see you at Sussex (hopefully not!)
Good luck etc. etc.
Next, one of Lisa's friends, Sarah Vipond. She had very little of interest to contribute, aside from a Liz reference, as you can see (perhaps going into school with hickies on my neck was a bad plan):
Have a nice time shagging your Internet friend
A nice generic quote next - a shame really, because this was from Lisa Ayers, who was kinda my friend, but had nothing original to say. Oh well, you always get a few like this...
Hi James
Have a great time in the future. Good luck.
Luv Lisa
And now Luke Emmett, twin brother of my mate Sean from years 7 to 9. No, I don't mean he was only his twin then, I mean that's when Sean was my mate, before he changed schools to some private place...
Good luck Webley, isn't the Internet good
Next, Emma Beagle. Oliver and I used to wind her up something chronic in our Biology lessons by chatting all the way through. The following is proof that she wasn't impressed (although she did mean the following in a joking way):
Over the last two years I have found you very very annoying, but still I hope that your huge brain succeeds in world domination, but not until the day before you pass away, so you get power and then it is snatched away, ha ha ha he
Next comes Jo. She's known me since the start of primary school - when she refers to Mrs Cook's class, that means when we were 7 (and what she says just after that is a joke).
Ever since Mrs Cook's class when you kissed me on the hand five times I've been in love with you. I've known you for too long to remember all the funny things that have happened - there have been far to many. Thanks for the company on the walks to the bus stop and keeping me amused on the bus. One thing though (just a bit of advice), keep "chem" under your collar!!! I wish you every success in the future, and I hope you fulfil all your sexual dreams. Be good (not too good), go careful, and have fun, see you around, love Jo
(BTW, "Chem" refers to a discussion we had about my bisexual tendencies).

Right, well, that's it for the random people. Now onto my mates...

Of all the following people, James Travis was probably the least close to me, but I'll still call him a mate for the sake of argument...
James, you're a bit of a cybergeek aren't you. Only joking, you are my namesake so I won't slag you off too much, except to say that your opinions on your website were some of the most strange, but funny things I've ever read. All the best in the future,
Your ginger mate,
Next, Charlotte Jeffrey. Char Jeff was Lisa Ayers' friend, and often conversed with Oliver and myself in Chemistry and Biology lessons. Just before writing her message, she accidentally sneezed on my yearbook, hence what she writes...
As a token of my heart-felt friendship towards you I have scattered small samples of non-dodgy bodily fluid (the nose-dwelling variety) on this page. Perhaps, one day, when you are incredibly rich from the great job you're gonna get, you could use the DNA from this gift to produce a test tube baby with your own DNA..... and produce what would probably be the WEIRDEST KID ON THE PLANET!
Love Char x
Next, Dave King. I've known him since starting primary school. Specifically, I've known him since May 1987, I think. We competed for various roles in school plays, which was fun...
Scarily enough I've known you for 13 years (I think I may be mentally scarred). From out time together at Mill Lane (so much can be said, Derbyshire, Ali Barbar etc.) to our time a Lord Bills'. Throughout, you have always been the same, the quiet, clever one who comes out with some strange things (only joking). But you have always been nice and we have got along well. Good luck for the future, although I don't think you'll need it (as long as you bother to keep working) and I hope to see you in the future (and that's the honest truth!)
Next, Michelle. In the pecking order, she comes further back, but her quote needs to come later, simply so it carries more weight. Anyhow, she said....
Having read many comments in this book I feel it overall really sums you up. Intelligent, yet strange! Well, strange as in some of the words protruding from your mouth! I know you'll be famous one day, but I'm not sure why, perhaps for some dodgy things going on, on the Internet! Oh well, good luck, and I hope you have all the success in the world,
Love you lots,
Now into my inner circle of friends. First, Andrew Broadway....
Hi ya James,
I can still remember at the start of yr12 you thought I was a violet [sic] person!! I hope you've realised I'm not. My great achievement is consistently beating you in chem tests. See ya,
(remember the lock and key)
The incident he refers to is about when we were staying in a youth hostel, broke a key in the lock, and had to take the lock apart to fix it. The lock never worked again... 'twas amusing, great story behind it. Remind me to tell it sometime :o)

Now onto my three best mates (of those who wrote in my yearbook, anyway). Oliver, Matthew and Phil. First, here's Oliver:
In years to come you'll look back on your school life years and hopefully remember that together we managed to talk and annoy all four of our teachers and then smile knowing that was the greatest thig you'll ever do with your life.
Nice of him. But it was an achievement - every teacher at parents evening told us that we chatted too much - how anybody at all saw us as quiet types, I don't know :o)

Onto the man, Matthew Schurch, fellow Star Wars fan, and bitter enemy. We had some seriously huge argument/discussions about religion, physics, and everything else under the sun.
To James
Well, what can I say about Lord Bills' only and hopefully ever Pagan. Your mysticism is bizarre however your taste in music and knowledge of Star Wars make up for this by far. Keep in contact so that we can arrange another Star Wars day after the next film. Good luck
Matthew (Sworn Enemy!)
Ah, I miss him tons, actually. He made my life so much fun, he really did.... Such entertainment :o)

And finally, the man himself. Mr Phil Davies. The only person in our entire year to beat my final grades (and doesn't that fact get to me). The man himself had this to say:
It's been a great two years knowing you - all that chocolate and even a CD you gave me for all those tests. You always kept me alert - every time I said something stupid you pounced on it and wouldn't let me forget it!! The field trip was great - all that wrestling you, me and Ollie did! I'll always remember that last Monday of school ever - all that abuse we wrote about each other on Mrs Hawley's register! Anyway, keep in touch,

Phil ruled. A few points need explaining... Phil, Oliver and myself had a little wager. Every test we all took was competitive amongst us - the one with the lowest grade had to buy a chocolate bar for the one with the highest grade. For the Trial exams, the loser had to buy a CD for the winner, and for the final exams, the loser had to buy the winner a car. Suffice it to say that throughout the year, due to my policy of not working, I lost about 80% of all the tests. I almost always had to buy Phil a chocolate bar - the ranking generally went something like
  1. Phil - 80% on Tests, 80% on Essays
  2. Oliver - 75% on Tests, 60% on Essays
  3. James - 60% on Tests, 45% on Essays
In our trial exams, I just lost out, and had to buy Phil a Whitney Houston CD. So confident were they in my ability to fail tests that they upped the stakes of the final exams to a car. The fools, what they forgot to notice was that right at the end, I pulled up my essay grades to a very high A, and started revising a little - a few hours of revision (max) before each test, and I kicked Oliver's ass. Out of 40 points, Oliver came out with 34 points, I had 38 points, Phil had 40. Oliver still owes Phil that car.

The second thing which needs explaining is the wrestling - on the field trip, we'd go to our dorm, and just wrestle. I dunno why - it's just that, like, nobody ever wrestles in "real life", but we were on a field trip, where the teachers were all just mates, we got to jump off cliffs while the teachers videotaped us, and wrestling was easily arranged. I have to admit, aside from a couple of decent performances, I sucked royally. But the other two were fun to watch...

Finally, the last Monday of school ever. Mrs Hawley (our Biology teacher) wasn't there, so we had to just sign our names down on a piece of paper to show we were there. We were doing a practice paper, and weren't meant to be communicating. Phil, Andrew, Oliver and myself, however, were all chatting. We got the registration sheet, and wrote our names down. I wrote next to Phil's "Cheating on the test". Chaos ensued, as we both sought to write worse and worse things next to each others' names. We filled the whole sheet with it... Things like "Phil doesn't think Mrs Hawley can teach" and "James is stealing equipment from the science cupboards". We handed the sheet in at the end of lesson, and it was apparently passed around the Biology staff room. Heh, we rock :o)


Now those were the days... I miss all that stuff :o)


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