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This is my cat..

The bit at 1:42 where she puts her paw on me, and then it seems kind of stuck there for the next ten seconds? That's because her claws are deep within my hand at this point. Charming!

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This still makes me miss my cat. :(

Nah, she's fine.. Immediately after I stopped recording, she decided that we were done fighting, and lay down next to me all exhausted and stuff.. If she was that mad, she'd have either kept attacking me, or run away :o)

Awww this makes me want a cat but I live in a no pets allowed place :'(
Doesn't it hurt? I don't think I would give my hand for her to play with for that long!

It doesn't hurt much.. especially once you're used to it - I've been doing this with her for ten years now, so it's not much of a problem, even when she breaks the skin (as she did in about five places there)

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