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But seriously, is anybody actually sad about the demise of these foul child-sexualising abominations?
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That is the best news I've heard all day! I have always hated those dolls! Hooray for there being one less horrible influence on my daughter in the world.

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I don't think that this is an example - the guy was working for Barbie when he came up with the idea, developed on Mattel's time.

Carter Bryant based drawings on children he saw walking from school
If that is how he perceived children to look, then he probably needs to be sent to some sort of therapist...

But did he come up with it and develop it on Mattel's dime?

Yeah, but this case is an absolutely ridiculous application of the employment rule. There's a difference, in my humble (hah!) legal opinion, between making something while being employed by a company and in the course of that employment.

If the idea was conceived of outside the regular employment duties, the employer should have no right to any fruit it bears.

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I suppose it would, but if I were his lawyer I'd try to make an argument that the employer cannot contract with the employee about things that take place beyond the course of normal work duties in an employment contract. (Actually, I think there's something in our Copyright Act in Canada about that anyway... but I could be mistaken. I'm also pretty sure that there is case law about this rule from my Contracts class, but since that exam is over I refuse to think about it much more than this. Heh.)

Oh man, my collection is going to skyrocket in value.

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