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The Rest of Today
Right, OK, so, let's see what's going on.... When last I described events properly, we'd just got back from Brighton with Pizza. Well, in true James-style, I gave the remains of my pizza away to James. He's a poor, hungry student, and he likes pizza - what was I meant to do? Plus, we were meant to go for pizza earlier this week, me and him, but we then didn't get a chance, and I felt slightly guilty for having gone without him today.

Anyhow, it's been lovely to see Becca again, even for such a short time. After we got back from Brighton, I then went online, naturally (I mean duh, come on, what was I going to do?), but a certain person wasn't on, so I ended up chatting to David and Dan. Of course, when I say "I", I really meant "She". I let Becca play with the computer for a bit while I just had a little sit-down, and she ended up speaking to the two people above, plus Jo. As far as I can gather (although I can't be sure), she spent much of the conversation with Jo just passing niceities back and forth, and finished the conversation with the opinion that Jo was actually OK - wow, an ex that Becca approves of - what were the odds of that? ;o)

With David, she discussed the meaning of the word "lits", as well as covering the topic of whether I was scum or not. The consensus among the two of them was that yes, indeed I was scum. Thanks guys, I love you too... She let the rest of her attention fall on Dan - the poor, poor guy. I had to watch Becca flirting with him, which was slightly amusing - they were so cute talking to each other.... Born in the same hospital within 48 hours of one another, similar heights, and various other likenesses I expect which I didn't have the attention span to find out about... Well, it was nice for them, anyway :o)

After these discussions finished, we went to the Grapevine with Alex. Just to remind you all, the Grapevine is my bar of choice - it's bright, happy, serves the brandy I enjoy, and generally rules. The fact that Fiona goes there sometimes is pretty discouraging, but I cope... Anyhow, we went there, which was nice - I had a coke, Becca a pint of Grolsch (spelling? I dunno...). We stood around chatting to Vicky and Lollo, and although invited to the HotHouse (the worst "club" imaginable, on campus), I intimated that I would sooner die brutally. So instead, after finishing the drinks, we went to East Slope bar, the second most annoying place on Earth after the HotHouse. Met up with Ebs there, and a load of his German friends. I didn't bother with even a cola there, I just stood around chatting. It didn't take long for us to get bored of that, and come home...

Anyway, so, we get back to the flat, and Becca wants to watch Snatch. Good movie, so I agree, and we go put it on. Then Alex, Harry, Claire and Annie all decide that they too want to watch it, so everybody piles in here to watch. Harry and Annie leave way before the end, and then drag Alex with them. So Becca, Claire and I watched the rest, and stuff. Still a great movie that... The movie finished, people left (well, Claire did), and here I am now, online, updating this, thinking of my sweetheart...

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Okay, this might be a stupid question, but how do you have Snatch? Did it come out earlier in the UK? It's still in theaters here

Yeah, came out much earlier here - if the Americans can release their films months earlier in their own country, then when we do great films, it's only fair that we extend you the same courtesy by putting them out on Special Edition DVD only weeks after the US cinema release.

"The poor, poor guy"

Well, one of us was enjoying ourselves... I can think of worse ways to spend an evening.

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