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Watch me lose my mind...
Tracks I've been able to make out so far..

Some sort of Abba mix
Rhythm of the Night
Billy Jean

For fuck's sake.. I think I'm actually going mad here... The only source of music I have with me is my laptop, which unfortunately misses a lot of the more bass type sounds, which is of course what's travelling best through the hotel, so I can listen to my own music, but all I get is their bass...

Update 1: Stop! by Erasure - a band I ordinarily like, but not like this!
Update 2: Living on a Prayer...
Update 3: Jason Fucking Donovan, Too Many Broken Hearts.. Again, if I was in the mood, and like, actually partying, then I would totally go for this. That is not my current mood.
Update 4: It would appear that Depeche Mode are simply unable to reach sufficiency, despite it being 12:55am... I, myself, have certainly had enough.
Update 5: Pink informs me that she's on her way and that I ought to commence my celebrations.
Update 6: Just what I need. Eric Idle is telling me to cheer the fuck up.
Update 7: 1:05am, and sweet sweet relief.. it's over.. time for some sleep at last...

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Goodness ... WHY? I hope there's a good reason you're being subjected to this.

I lol'd at your Pink description, though.

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