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And on that note..
There is something so gloriously pretentious about sitting in a cafe, working on a laptop, with a huge mug of hot chocolate.. There's no way they could know for sure that I wasn't working on a novel or something equally artsy.. Nobody need know the sad truth :o)

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This is so funny because yesterday was my birthday, and that is exactly what I did for the entire morning (ditching husband and kids first) except mine was a hot apple cider drink with whipped cream and caramel.

I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Btw, I read you on the friends' page of dysgu_cymraeg. I've "stolen" some of your memes.

I thought that the last time that I escaped to do some work out of the house instead of in the house... and spent my time playing on LJ instead of working. Amusing.

Well what do you think I was doing with that time? ;o)

The ones who have been working there a while probably know a significant portion are just working on Star Trek fan fiction.

Have you been to Berlin? Those places are everywhere and a lot of people just live like that hehehe

The best part of that is the hot chocolate bit. Lol. Serious writer ftw.

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