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(no subject)
While on the subject of kids (as I was), I was meaning to mention.. The childminder who looks after John's baby daughter while he's at work takes pictures of her with a digital camera and then e-mails them to him during the day.. So today's collection showed her making a tower out of bricks.. It just strikes me as an awesome service to offer :o)

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That is awesome. It lets parents connect, in some way, with their children while they're away for x hours...

I have yet to find an uncreepy and unguilty way of taking pictures of the kids I babysit. Even if I just want the pictures because I enjoy photography and love children, I always end up lying and saying that they're for a class project or something.

If somehow they found out you were lying, it would seem 10 times more creepy.

I think that's completely right. I'm doomed! D:

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