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(no subject)
The other night was all kinds of fun..

So earlier in the day we'd gone out to the shops to grab some food, and we sent Anna on ahead, and then Edward and I had a "mission" of sorts to track her down and intercept her before she got to the shops.. This game was trivially easy, and I found her within about two minutes. Then on the way back, it was made ridiculously difficult by the extremely convoluted route she took. So kind of hit and miss really..

Then Wednesday night, we decided to play again, only this time I would be hunted, and Anna and Edward would have a car that they could use for this task (with Ed going on foot if he needed to). The rules were that they had to drive to the other side of the village, then head back, while I made my escape. From my point of view, every set of car headlights represented anxiety, which was rather entertaining.

There were several times when I saw them drive past, and a few times when Edward pursued me on foot while I had to run through alleyways and the like, which was quite the harrowing experience. It's actually surprising how much time I spent just sticking to areas very close to home - whilst it might have been tempting to try to venture further, I know far more escape routes around the roads by home..

Anyway, if you live in a small village and you're a bit bored sometime, then I thoroughly recommend a good game of hide and seek / manhunt. It gave me the best workout I've had since I stopped going to the gym - football isn't bad, but I think I pushed myself a lot more with this game, since there was plenty of running to do :o)

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That actually sounds like a lot of fun. I'm impressed.

And this was where I went :o)

You were totally pretending that you had just pulled off a massive heist, weren't you. Don't lie.

Did you eventually catch him and put him in the pokey?

I caught him and poked him a couple of times - does that count?

Depends on where you poked him.

Honestly, I looked so dodgy.. It was late at night, and I kept hanging around darkened alleyways, doubling back on myself, sneaking around parked cars, and looking really nervously over my shoulder everywhere I went. I'm surprised the police weren't called :o)

Let me know the next time, I'll alert the proper authorities.

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