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(no subject)
It's slightly frustrating, I keep meaning to write stuff in here, and then when I actually get the time, I lose any inclination.. So I figured I'd just plough into it and hope for the best..

time passes

Well I started writing that about four hours ago, and got distracted. Clearly this isn't working :o)

Everything suddenly got really dark really quickly, it was quite cool.. There's really low cloud, in a foggy type way, that kind of puts me in mind of Old London, in the way it appears in pictures and film.. Pea soup fogs, that sort of thing.. Buildings just a short distance away are faded and grey, as the already grim sky starts to darken with the onset of an early night.

I haven't yet fully written about just how much I love being in London.. But this is all part of it.. I get a stronger "this is where I belong" vibe from here than I did in New York, which until I started working here was the place I most felt I belonged. I dunno, I just generally feel a huge cultural affinity for this place, I know the history of all kinds of little things here, I know my way around a good few square miles of central London, and.. I dunno.. It's one of those very familiar places, that's been in my consciousness my whole life, and it just feels like the right place to be :o)

Even in the fog :o)
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Lucky. That's how I used to feel when I would go up to Rhode Island, but sadly it's been so long that I don't even know my way around there anymore. D:

Oh what the hell ever, stop pretending to be from New England, nobody buys it.. You're a Southerner, get used to it ;o)

I can't change where I was born and raised! I didn't get to Texas until junior high!

I don't even like warm weather. :(

I often open up LJ and sit just looking at the page trying to work out what to write.

I also get ideas in my head while driving and then can't forget to blog them or just can't be bothered.

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