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(16:28:22) TheEvilKid1: Zara?
(16:28:31) Me - AIM: No thank you
(16:28:37) Me - AIM: I have ample Zara
(16:29:05) TheEvilKid1: ok, I'm gunna assume this is lj user Zara, yes?
(16:29:33) Me - AIM: If it were, why would LJ user Zara be calling themselves "TheUnknownJames"?
(16:29:45) TheEvilKid1: cause his name is James
(16:29:55) Me - AIM: Then why does he have a girl's name for his username?
(16:30:12) TheEvilKid1: ok, my apologies
(16:30:19) TheEvilKid1: later, or not
(16:30:29) Me - AIM: I suspect the latter.

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(Deleted comment)
I don't see how any of that is mean - I was perfectly polite!

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