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(no subject)
This is the fire engine outside our hotel, responding to the fire alarm which woke us up to a room with no electricity, having to evacuate in the dark. I can't wait for the customer satisfaction survey..

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Details: they are lacking.

It's not the hotel's fault that the electricity went out is it?
Why beat them up on the survey?

Well if they ask "How did you enjoy your night", I'm not going to lie and tell them that it was splendid, am I?

Also, there may be free goodies to be had.

I didn't suggest that you tell them you had a splendid time, did I?

At least you know that they have a good fire alarm system.

If they offered you a free night at the same location, would you take it?

(Deleted comment)
Oh, yeah. Same thing used to happen to me. It blows. Especially when it precedes an 8 AM class.

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