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(no subject)
Not wishing to come across like I'm microblogging - I just don't have much to say on any single subject.

However, it's worth mentioning that there appears to be a mouse living under the raised flooring in our office, where all the cabling infrastructure lives.

It would appear that it comes up to forage for food (and amazingly, it's not my desk that's the problem), and then scarpers whenever anybody sees it.. I caught a flash out of the corner of my eye a few minutes ago that can't really be explained by anything else..

It's neat. I wanna keep it :o)

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It might be a rat.. Never can tell, they're all so little and fast..

I see rats on the tube from time to time, they're ever so cute :o)

You told me once :). I said that rats might not be so cute if they were really big, and then we started talking about how cool it would be if giant rats were the underground mode of transportation instead of trains.

At least I think that happened...

Doesn't sound familiar - you're deranged ;o)

Am not. You said that you were surprised at how small they were, and that rats were actually the size of what you thought mice were, and mice were just teeny tiny. And something about how rats can thrive in the tube because there are no predators there except for giant trains, which is where the giant rat thing came about.

...I'm not crazy!

Twitter, Facebook statuses, lots of short things about nothing in particular :o)

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