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(no subject)
Oh dear..

The Canada Shop just showed me the wonders of Maple Sugar Candy. My mind has been blown....

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You've never had it before??? Oh my. I guess I take advantage of the wonders available to American New Englanders :)

The shop in Covent Garden? Love that place. It was my life saver.

Also, maple candy rocks just about everything ever!

Which one? For there are (at least) two.. There's Cyber Candy on Garrick Street, or the Austrlian / Kiwi / South Africa / Canada shop on Maiden Lane.. Or there's probably a ton of other places too, take your pick :o)

Maple Candy makes my eyes feel funny :o\

I was asking you if it was the one in Covent Garden that you went to.

Well it was in Covent Garden, but is only one of several shops in Covent Garden that sell Canadian stuff, hence my response - "the one in Covent Garden" is not a valid means of describing it :oP

I did not realise there were multiple shops called The Canada Shop in Covent Garden ;)

If you want to get pedantic, in theory, there are no shops called The Canada Shop in Covent Garden.

There is a shop called The Australia Shop, which has a little Canadian stuff under a little sign that says "Canada Shop", and there's a shop called Cyber Candy which has a lot of Canadian stuff which is not labelled as such, but you can tell from all the French on it :oP

That is not actually true. If you are referring to the shop in Maiden Lane, then it can be called The Canada Shop. It can also be called The Australia Shop, The South African Shop or The New Zealand Shop. The actual name of the store is AngloAustralian Trading but they do business under a few different names. It may seem like it is The Australia Shop because all of the Australia stuff is right as you walk in and the Canadian stuff is at the back on the right hand side, but ya, it is not actually The Australia Shop at all. But no need to get pedantic.

Edited at 2008-10-21 12:38 pm (UTC)

Right, we're going to have a fight now.

There are boomerangs in the window! Boomerangs! You of all people know that Boomerangs are not from Canada! Boomerangs are from your country ;o)

It's possible that it's changed a little since you were here - they've really emphasised the Australian thing at the expense of the Canadian and South African stuff.. The main signs are all about it being Australian, all the staff seem to be Aussies, and there's just a couple of shelves worth of Canadian stuff towards the back.. It wasn't really what I was expecting, having been ordering stuff online from them for many years - quite the disappointment!

But still, it's totally Australian. Like you! :D

Nope, that is exactly what it was like when I was there at this time last year ;)

Then it is no longer the foremost shop stocking Canadian goods in Covent Garden, and I will make arrangements to have their name taken off them.

I note that you have stopped denying your Australianness ;o)

I am going through too much shit right now to care that people make fun of me by calling me Australian when I know and they know that I am not anything of the sort :)

Is this about the pizza? :o\

The pizza is just the icing on the cake :(

That's a pretty weird cake :o\

Perhaps that is what I did wrong...I tried to make a pizza cake...

Pizza cake crust rarely rises - I'm surprised your pizza cake recipe didn't mention that :o(

OMFG, you tried to make pizza cake without a recipe? No wonder it's iced wrong...

This will fix everything.

That is fucking disgusting looking.

I did use a recipe but it was from an Australian site. I shall not do that again.

You only have to look at Australian Rules Football to know that the Aussies haven't got a clue how to write instructions for anything ;o)

I try to stay away from AFL as much as possible. No offense to Australians but it is a bit of a pussy sport.

wow. I can't believe it was your first time. what other north american treats have you not had, I wonder . . . if you let me know, I'll tot mail you stuff in exchange for cadburys.

I have a shop down the road that sells just about everything you could possibly ask for from the US, not to mention the amount of junk I've eaten while in the US, so while the offer is appreciated, you probably won't need to go buy any goodies for me for the time being :o)

Of course, if you want the Cadbury's goodness, I can see what I can do...

Tee hee. Maple sugar candy == tasty.

Love maple sugar candy. Love Canada.

lol Canada Shop. That's awesome. I know we have a few British Candy Shop(pes) here, but I like the image you're creating of a store that you walk in and buy things that are truly Canadian.

Whatever Canadian is...

Such a weird thing to read... Canadian shops! I'm so used to seeing that maple candy everywhere that the tourists buy. Anything you can put maple into we have it here. (milkshakes, cookies, salmon, flavoured condoms etc) I must admit I do like to browse in the British shops even though we have a lot of british heritage and traditions. :)

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