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(no subject)
It's an awesome morning..

Before I go any further, it's worth warning people new to my journal that I have some sort of disorder which leaves me permanently happy.. Sorry if it gets annoying..

So yes, it's a clear, crisp morning (night?), there are a ton of stars visible, and there's this wispy cloud which is catching the moonlight and glowing.. It's hard to imagine a better start to the day, even if we're still an hour or so from dawn..

I really am the only person out right now who is just wearing a shirt, no jacket or coat.. I'm not sure if it's my insulating fat layer, or my awesomeness, but it's quite useful.. I may suck a little in hot weather, but I weather the cold like a fucking trooper :o)

Might want a coat soon though - winter is coming....
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I really need to go to London. That sounds great.

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