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For sheer amusement purposes
If you comment on this post, I will....
  1. Tell you why I friended you, assuming I remember who you are.
  2. Associate you with something -- a fandom, song, a sexual preference, a racial stereotype, etc.
  3. Tell you something I like about you, if such a quality exists.
  4. Tell you a memory I have of you, again, provided I remember who you are.
  5. Ask you something I've wanted to know about you, assuming I care enough to want to know.
  6. Tell you my favorite userpic from your list, and more importantly my least favourite, without any additional explanation or justification.
  7. In return, you need to post this on your own LJ in order to annoy your friends, just as I have.
Right on. Hit me with it.

Ooh, ooh, me!

I don't know why I'm opening myself up to possible mental/emotional trauma but, as they say, curiosity killed the cat.

1. Probably when I made you a mod.. I believe very strongly that for a community to have a consistent direction and leadership, the mods should at least vaguely know one another, and be on good terms, otherwise everybody starts pulling in different directions.

2. You are black. Except in icons in which you are white.

3. The tags you appied to entries when you were first made a mod were outstandingly funny.

4. I remember you posting in AMA, which you no longer do :oP

5. Do you really like my brother? ;o)

6. Best is this (with special mentions to this and this), least good is this.

1. I will have added you to my lits (sic) because you play Ultimate, you know Evolutionary Biology, and you are a chick. These three qualities are what it takes to hold my attention :o)

2. Every time anybody is a bit stupid in AMA, I wish you were there to fix them.. So in a sense, you're associated with stupidity, but not exactly in the bad way :o)

3. I like a ton of stuff about you, you're one of the coolest people on my list (for my own personal definition of cool - other accounts my vary :o)

4. Hmm.. memory.. I have no idea.. It's all sort of generic AMA stuff really, which seems awfully lame of me :o\

5. How's your boyfriend? ;o)

6. You have no good icons, because you do not appear in any of them. From a moral point of view, I am arbitrarily opposed to people who do not include their faces in their icons, even if they have good excuses. Sorry :o)

you have no clue who i am.
but hello, 'i' have friended 'you'

I know who you are - you're true.dat, I like that icon... :o)

You could have at least commented on my entry. :(

Anyway, consider this me commenting.

1. I don't really recall friending you.. I probably did it because you are my friend. I know, it's hard to see the connection there...

2. I associate you with lips. I cannot think why... Ooh, and being Mexican...

3. I like that you've never given up trying to build a better life for you and your son, and how inspirational that is to me and everybody else.

4. I remember this one time, at band camp, you and tma got all drunk and like totally made out.. I remember this, you can't take it away.

5. Why did you call him Aidan?

6. I like this one because I'm pretty sure that I remember it from ye olde days, way back when :o)

(this one is familiar too)

(Deleted comment)
1 I friended pretty much all the AMA mods, but I especially like your posts, because they're ever so slightly crazy, in that Dale way :o)

2 Judaism, because it seems to be quite a defining characteristic (though not for a second in a bad way)

3 Your innate ability to bring out discussion :o)

4 I suck at this question, sorry :o)

5 Will you be at all reluctant to vote for Obama? If so, why?

6 Default, it's the only one I know :o)

1 Because you're a nerd, who understands things like the LJ style language and stuff like that - it's good to surround oneself with people who make one feel less abnormal :o)

2 Srbija! :o)

3 How well you pull off short hair

4 Uh.. I remember your Expo TV videos, and they make me chuckle :o)

5 How tired do you get of people on LJ thinking your name is Jane? :o)

6 Your current default

Normally I'm not big on meme survey type things, but you have wooed me with your proper use ordered lists. Do me!

In butchering the questions to my own design, I managed to lengthen them.. I was afraid that they might run over two lines and destroy the integrity of the numbering system, so I went with the ordered list in order to enforce correct indentation. I am glad it meets with approval.

1 Mostly because Jasna speaks very highly of you, and you're a fellow nerd/geek/whichever

2 "YesNo"

3 Your taste in women, of course..

4 The video that you and Jasna made on that dare sticks in the memory somewhat :o)

5 Tell me your version of how you and Jasna first met (I know, not a question as such, but still..)

6 The one that isn't your default - it's cute :o)

This could be tiring for you, considering how many people you have on your f-list.

1 I'm not actually sure, to be honest, but I'm glad I did :o)

2 The dating process, or something along those lines.. Reading your journal a few weeks ago was quite interesting really, it was cool to get an insight into exactly what you were thinking through the whole thing, and stuff..

3 Your image change from your highschool pictures.. Very impressive :o)

4 I really do suck at these questions, I'm afraid..

5 Why don't I see you around AMA as much as I used to? Did you go get a life or something? That's expressly forbidden...

6 As a mathematician, it has to be this I'm afraid

This made me giggle.

I'm such a child.

I can be self absorbed too!

I am having a shit month. You can either make it better or worse. Have at it.

Re: I can be self absorbed too!

1 Because I like you, and I needed to be kept up to date on the blossoming romance between you and mrflagg - it would suck not to see how it played out :o)

2 Awstrahlier!!

3 You stick to your guns, you kick some serious ass, and you're quite funny when you do it :o)

4 I remember when you told me that you came to AMA because MrF told you about banning me :o(

5 Seriously, what are the long-term plans, Australia/Canada/wherever-wise?

6 This one because it's the one I think of when I picture your username

Edited at 2008-10-14 09:49 pm (UTC)

I want to know what you want to know.

1 If I hadn't friended you, you would have been alone. Also, I wouldn't have been able to see your emo and rap phases, which would have been terrible.. :o)

2 I associate you with Thame pubs

3 I like when we're upstairs, in our room, and you're asleep, and I'm not. I cannot say why!

4 I remember you cutting your head like a day before you were getting your picture taken, and the subsequent photo of you with a big scar on your forehead.. Bless :o)


6 This one, because the other is rubbish

1 Because you were a mod in AMA (with good reason), and I wanted to have all the mods on my friends list.. I quite enjoy reading your journal though, though I can't entirely put my finger on why - it helps that you find time to actually talk about what's going on in your life, which is something that seems to escape me most of the time...

2 Microsoft, I'm afraid :o)

3 The degree to which the way you talk about your life is very.. uh.. "relate-able to". There has to be a better word than that.. Especially, it seems, your posts tagged "quarter life crisis".. I can see where you're coming from, and it's always nice to be able to read stuff without having to use too much imagination to put yourself into somebody else's shoes..

4 See above, for how many times I've crapped out on this question - sorry :o)

5 Since an awful lot of your posts in your journal were about work, and questions in AMA were about living arrangements, describe both your dream job and ideal (though attainable) house.

6 Either this one because the hair suits you, or this one because I like to look arrogant in my pictures, and this is the closest you've got :o)

(Deleted comment)
1 Because I am so detached from present-day youth culture, and I figured that a bit of research into what young people were doing would help me to relate better to the AMA demographic, and would help me fake like I'm still young. Imagine my disappointment to hear that you enjoy Red Dwarf and Bottom - how's that going to help me to relate to the Little Britain generation?!

2 I associate you with confusing racial heritage which tricks me into thinking you're from eastern Mediterranean Europe, when in fact that is not the case.

3 Just how mature and level headed you are, in spite of your age. I have great hopes for your future :o)

4 The main one would be your vlog, with your ever-so-British accent which almost puts mine to shame :o)

5 What are you asking for for your birthday?

6 This, because I feel it's important that folks on LJ have icons of themselves.

hrmm...I don't think you have me actually added.

Does that mean I get to pass on this one? Only I have so many to do..... :o)

Do you actually plan on replying to all of these? :p

1 Because when you're actually paying attention and putting a bit of effort in, you can be quite smart and funny

2 The worst British accent I have ever heard

3 Bologna

4 I remember when you used to actually be online - it's a distant memory :oP

5 Whatever did happen to your poor dying laptop?

6 Your current default, because it's actually quite a good picture