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Today in review...
Well, Becca arrived. Finally. You'd think she'd know her way around by now, but... Um, I'm going to stop there - I've a feeling that further abuse will earn me a slap or something. Anyhow, so yes, she arrived, so we went into Brighton...

"Becca would like to butt in and say that he FORCED me to drive into Brighton, and after an hour of trying to find a space he gave in and we caught a bus from sainsburys...and I kept my temper with him..just not the other idiots on the road..."

Anyway, so, where was I... Yes, Becca was too inept to find us a parking space, so we had to go to the supermarket, park there, and then get a bus the rest of the way. Took us ages to get to Pizza Hut, I'm telling you... Anyhow, so yes, Pizza was fun. Then got the bus back to the car, and drove back. I'm now listening to my brand new Lifehouse CD... Ho hum....

Becca has nothing to add - I think I probably hurt her feelings... Oh well ;o)

Still thinking of you... ;o)


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