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(no subject)
Just got back from an awesome gig with Naomi (seeing Elbow in London), but this entry is not about that.

Upon my return, I was greeted by a certain fuzzball, whose sole ambition was to become a new scarf for me:

I walked around with her on there for a bit, until I finally tired of having claws in my back, at which point I released her into her natural habitat (being our bed, unfortunately).

Still, for a little while, I expect she enjoyed playing at being a parrot...

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(Deleted comment)
If you knew her, you wouldn't say that.. You can't see in that picture, because my right hand was holding the camera, but my arm is scratched to shreds from where I've had to forcibly remove her from the bed.. She likes to sleep either on people's faces (or as near as she can get), or otherwise just positions herself between my head and Naomi's head, just to annoy us both. She's a nightmare!

(but I love her anyway)

Also, have you lost weight? Your face looks thinner in that picture than in your icon.

Never mind the cat -- I want to hear about the Elbow gig!

my kitties are my children. our black one, in particular, loves to greet my fiance at the door with love headbutts.

he's like a dog. of course, momma gets no love.

You never told me you were Cary Elwes!

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You and the cat are adorable in this picture.

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