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(no subject)
We went out at night to take some pictures - turns out, moonlight alone isn't quite enough for a camera that can only keep its shutter open for fifteen seconds. Still, some of them are okay :o)

In that last one, you can see a plane flying across the sky, flashing its light periodically.. Comes out pretty :o)

Then we get into silliness, in which we used long exposures and torchlight to make multiple people..

So Edward appears three times, in various states of .. something terrible ...

Real Me fights Bizarro Me, as so often happens..

Edward gets on his knees and pleases himself. Alas, distances were marginally misjudged :o)

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I was beatboxing to my crotch, you vile beast!

MM! Nice pics!!

Okay the last one kind of made me giggle. Stop it. :(

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