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(no subject)
So frustrating...

I'm going to a gig in a few hours, and in theory I should be able to walk back to the station from it.. In theory..

In practice, that's a really stupid idea. It would involve walking through two different parks, at about 11pm, which is not something I personally have a problem with, but I know an awful lot of people who would be entirely unsympathetic if anything were to happen to me, telling me that I brought it on myself :o\

The thing is, I think I can walk it in 30-40 minutes, whereas if I get the tube instead, then it means taking the Northern Line from Chalk Farm to Kings Cross, then the Metropolitan/H&C/Circle line to Baker Street, then either walking the rest of the way or taking the Bakerloo line to Marylebone.

So that's two changes, and seven stops.. At that time of night, a change is likely to take five minutes, plus five minutes to get onto the network in the first place, so we're looking at 15 minutes, plus another 15 minutes of travel, and I'm almost better off walking, not to mention the cost reduction in doing that, and risk avoidance around the tube being crap....

I don't think I will walk, because it is sort of asking for trouble, but still it's a bit annoying all the same....
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