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(no subject)
Just a note to say that on the way home today, I sat next to James Plaskitt, MP for Warwick and Leamington.. He was chatting to somebody who I shall presume was a civil servant of some sort, about various things, nothing I care to go into because I doubt it would be appreciated, though nothing secret as such.. I actually thought he came over rather well, and seemed to be a decent chap, which is not usually one's first thought when considering politicians :o)

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Did he have a "James Plaskitt, MP" name tag, or do you just know all 600-odd members of parliament off by heart?

This is the question I have been too afraid to ask...

Well the answer is no.. From the conversation he was having, I gathered that he was an MP, he had a ticket to Leamington Spa, so I stick "Leamington Spa MP" into Google on my return home, and up came a picture of the man in question..

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