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I have reached a conclusion, at last...

The greatest movie ever made is Back to the Future. Without a doubt.

Though a thought did occur to me.. Here's a rough summary of the trilogy:
Marginally petulant kid, dissatisfied with his life, meets older gentleman for excitement and adventure. Older gentleman dies. Kid eventually triumphs.

Sequel involves a whole bunch of stuff continually going wrong, with more emphasis on situations and character than a clear beginning/middle/end structure. Entire film has a very dark feel. Ending is a bit of a bum note, but there's a sense of hope and anticipation for the conclusion of the trilogy.

Third movie signals a return to the style of the first movie, with a plot that involves a bit more fun and lightness, but ultimately puts the main characters in a more immediate peril than the first movie. The plot mirrors that of the first movie to an extent, and includes romantic themes that were left unexplored in the previous movies.
How is that not Star Wars? I'm not complaining, of course, but still - I can't help but feel that it's similar in many respects..

Oh, and anybody who claims that Jedi doesn't involve more immediate peril than the other movies is crazy.. Characters like Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca etc. all directly fight, Luke is at risk of being turned to the Dark Side, there are injuries, Ewoks get killed, and let's not forget those poor Bothan spies..

But while similar, I have to say Back to the Future is better. Every time I listen to Earth Angel on my mp3 player I get massive tingles, and am nearly brought to tears (not that I understand that particular emotional response).. So when next I have to figure out what my favourite movie is, this will be my answer.
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I liked both movies. In Star Wars, I much prefer the original trilogy. I thought the acting was very weak in the prequel movies. In fact, I remember walking out of theatre in the middle of the first prequel. I couldn't stand that character Jar Jar. I enjoyed that acting in Back To the Future

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