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Just submitted this ticket to UK2
Right.. So first you suspend the domain (without warning) because a Cron job is hurting the servers too much. So I remove the job.

Then you suspend the domain (again without warning) because the traffic levels are too high and it's hammering the CPU power of the server because of database hits. So I remove the files that are doing that.

Now the domain is suspended again, without warning AGAIN, and I can't even begin to try to guess what you've come up with this time.

So if you fancy trying your hand at providing some customer service, perhaps you could explain to me why you've taken it offline. You could further explain what steps need to be taken in order to get it back online. I will need access in order to retrieve various data items from the site prior to cancelling my account. I don't feel that I can stay with a host that will suspend their services without any sort of notification or evident justification.

I eagerly anticipate a helpful response,

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Not that this helps, but I've never heard a good word said about UK2 :-/

I haven't a good word to say about them, so that works perfectly :o)

Ha ha, fair enough :)

This is probably the same way many feel after being banned from AMA. I feel eager for a response too.


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