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I'm trying to cut down on the amount of food I eat from Subway.. It's a tricky one, because on the one hand, the food is expensive, and not the most healthy thing I could be grabbing at lunchtime. On the other hand, as far as health things go, if I don't eat a full lunch I either snack on sweets all day, or I eat nothing until the evening, feeling very pleased with myself for being "good", but actually doing my body a fair bit of harm. So an absence of lunch is a pretty bad situation, and all things considered, the lesser of two evils seems to be to eat something substantial, filling, and not overly unhealthy.

With that in mind, I've bought a bunch of ingredients to make my own subs and take them into work, since that sorts out the cost angle too (not to mention the portion size control). But I didn't get a chance to make any last night, because my mother was using the kitchen to make various chutneys, so today I had to go to Subway again...

... where my regular patronage seems to be paying off. The person who always serves me (who I've decided is probably Turkish) always knows what I'm going to order, so much so that when somebody else serves me, I often find I can't remember what my order is meant to be. So that's quite convenient in itself..

But today, I truly reached the pinnacle of Subway Customer Service. There were a load of people there (which is unusual since I head out for lunch at about 11:45am to avoid the rush), and so I was at the back of a fairly lengthy queue. And there were still about seven people in the queue ahead of me in various stages of ordering when I was called over to the till and told that my food was ready.

Turns out that while she was putting together an order for a big group, she made up my sub too, and lo, it was actually ready first.. And thus customer loyalty is rewarded with superior service, thus increasing future customer loyalty. This is how things should work in all areas of life :o)

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I don't even know how to respond to this post :oP

What? I'm just saying, it's mighty convenient.... :o)

It's a shame that the perception will be that their increased customer service will have somehow lost my business, since tomorrow I have home-baked (okay, part-baked) baguette for lunch :o)

I'll pay for your Subway meal tomorrow if you go in and ask for two salad ingredients in addition to your normal order ;o)

That wouldn't work, by the time I'd get to the counter they'd have already made it just how I like it ;o)

I'm going more for the fruit at lunch, veg at dinner angle right now, and since I already have ingredients for my own one..

Ooh, though thinking about it, if I can find some spinach, that works fine.. Unfortunately subway don't do that one :o(

Exactly - it will teach them not to be so presumptuous!

I'll be thiiiiis proud of you if you can get the five-a-day thing down :o)

I want to make sandwiches to bring to work, but I usually don't do it because I'm always in a rush in the morning. I can't conceive doing it the day before and I don't know why you'd do it.. I mean it's going to be rubbish after one night.. How do you do it?

Also, wtf 11:45 for lunch!

Here's what I'll do. I'll just make you freeze dried sandwiches and mail them to you every day so you don't have to worry about it. You should start expecting lunches in about 7 - 10 business days. :P

It's a deal. Ooor you could just move here and make them fresh. Just to save from the trouble..

You may be on to something here... ;)

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