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(no subject)
I'll take her home after midnight
And if she likes I'll tell her lies
Of how we'll be in love by the morning
And I don't think she'll know that I'm saying goodbye...

I'll admit, I don't entirely know how other people's taste in music works.. For me, I find that mostly, my taste in music aligns to the people I'm around, and I don't seem to have an especially individual one. From my brother, I get Steve Goldberg and Audio Karate, from Naomi I get Keane, Stars, Elbow, and a whole bunch of other artists, and a big chunk of the rest of my collection is stuff that ex-girlfriends got me into at some point. I feel like my own musical discoveries are incredibly limited..

I mean, there's Girls Aloud - nobody got me into their music, I did that myself.. I also enjoy early Avril Lavigne, in contrast to my peer group. I can almost take credit for Amy Millan, except that she's in Stars, so in theory that's not mine.. I can claim Ouch, because nobody else in the world has seemingly ever heard of them. I can even claim credit for what little Radiohead I do listen to, in spite of the fact that my brother is now a much bigger fan than I am. Lately, Asobi Seksu is probably the most innovative choice I've got in my library..

But as I skip through my playlist, in most cases I can only think "Oh yes, X got me into that".. I am a musical leech, and in those cases where I get others into such music, my role is merely that of a conduit or vector, rather than a real introducer. I hope the universe doesn't mind too much that I am a net consumer of not only music itself, but of musical recommendations. I further hope that there is no karmic feedback loop working on that one...

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Huh? Keane?! I was so over Keane by the time I met you...

Yes, but I was not, and you had their songs, so there :oP

I just can't believe that out of all the music I own, you chose to name them :oP

They were just on my current playlist, that's all :oP

keep working!

Greets! Really funny. Big ups! Tnx!

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