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(no subject)
It's still familiar to me
Sends a thrill right through me
'cause those chords remind me of
The night that I first fell in love to
Those magic changes

It's funny how my taste in music ebbs and flows.. I've been listening to some songs right now that I haven't heard in ages, and one of the best things about that is rediscovering memories that are tied to those songs, and which remind me of happy times.. Songs like "No Doubt" by Erasure, for example, were the sort of thing that I listened to on my mp3 player when I first met Naomi, so I can still remember the excitement of train rides to visit, or late night chats..

Then there's a bunch of stuff by Dav - for some reason I went off his music, probably through over-listening to it.. But listening to it reminds me of going to his gigs with Naomi (this being back when we did such things), both in Cardiff and Bristol.. I think it comes back to this central theme of my thoughts lately that I'm not as young as I used to be, which in turn makes me treasure some of those "young" memories that little bit more.. They're from a special time in my life (new relationship type stuff) that is likely to never be repeated, which makes them all the more special.

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I've been listening a lot to the bootleg versions of Song For The Road lately...It's pretty :D

Back when we did such things?! We haven't done too badly this year, considering that most of the gigs we want to see these days tend to happen far, far away :o(

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