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Ah yes - there will be more announcements in a few months regarding another major name in FS sector and a rather surprising potential "partner". ;)

Out of interest, who do you work for James?

LTSB - at least for now :o)

Well if it goes ahead get to the front of the queue to talk to your line manager about salary levelling against HBOS pay scales. They'll never drop your pay so it is worth a shot.

Right now I'm working on my redundancy avoidance technique..

At the onset of the credit crunch, I figured I'd try to make sure that I was irreplaceable within the organisation, and since nobody else can do my stuff, that seemed okay.

But if HBOS have a better digital marketing setup than we do, then I'm sort of hosed, because I'm sure we'd much rather use their robust solution than use me hand-cranking everything. Which is kind of annoying.

Fortunately, knowing how slow big business works, I can't imagine any sort of economies of scale really causing redundancies for a while yet.. It's one thing saying "These two departments do the same thing", it's another actually trying to phase one out and have their functions taken over elsewhere.. Just getting the data to the right place alone would take months of IT work...

Still.. time to diversify that CV :o)

Methinks you have far too much confidence in the abilities of senior management to manage risk. When they are presented with pound signs savings as a result of downsizing its amazing how the staff left in the business struggle to pick up the workload because of such ineptitude and keeness to get the cash savings.

I think it would be wise to keep an eye on the job market though for anyone in the current financial climate. If you want an opinion on your CV or would like to see how I have constructed mine let me know. I am getting an old hand at this now.

At least you don't/didn't work for Lehman's!

Thanks, much appreciated..

I get these spammers recruitment agencies sending me CVs all the time for people they thing I might want to hire, so I have plenty of examples to look through and 'borrow' ideas from too :o)

Well the basis to my CV in all its forms is simple:

Company Name.
Job Title and dates employed in this role.
Responsibilties (bulleted list)
Achievements (bulleted list)

Under no circumstances waste space on typing a self praising introductory paragraph. No one is interested in what you think of yourself - just the facts.

I changed my CV to this format about 5 years ago and its amazing the difference it has made in getting interviews.

Actually, here's one I've wondered for a while..

In September 2005 I started a new job, by December 2005 the nature of the job had changed to include elements of a different job, and in March 2006 I moved teams into a new role that fully covered the aforementioned "different job".

The pedant in me wants to write that technically I had Role A from September 2005 to February 2006, and Role B from March 2006. The lazy sod in me wants to just say I did Role B from September 2005, since a couple of months doesn't make much difference..

Dictate my life for me - which should I run with? :o)

I had the same so all I did was pick the most appropriate job title that seemed to encompass the activities I undertook in the transitional period then list the responsibilities and achievements under one job title.

When asked why it seemed to be diverse I usually either say the role evolved or laugh and say that in this particular company you get given one role and then have to undertake 10 others at the same time (which sin't too far from the truth anyway). just think of it from the employers perspective - they are more interested in what you did and what you achieved than which job title you had. as long as your T&C's didn't change in that time it makes no difference.

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