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(no subject)

Stuff like this inevitably winds me up.. There's something fundamentally wrong with the American psyche when it comes to taking important things seriously..

"She says it like it is"
"I think she has strong moral values"
"She's doing great things, supporting her church and supporting her family"

Does any of this really qualify her for anything?

In order to become president, you must be at least thirty five years old. It seems fair to say that this was a question of maturity, and experience. If accounts in the press are to be believed, Sarah Palin abuses her power in order to hold vindictive grudges against political opponents. This does not strike me as mature. Nor has her sheltered life in Alaska really prepared her with experience either.

It just seems to me that rather than being at least thirty five years old, you should be able to demonstrate the judgement and political experience of a typical thirty five year old politician. In this regard, I think she fails quite dramatically.

What bothers me is that huge chunks of the voting public of the USA don't actually recognise this, or find it entirely irrelevant when electing a potential future president.

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believe me, this bothers us too. even more galling is some news I saw yesterday (on cnn, so slightly conservative) -- apparently, Palin has a 63% favorable rating with men and a 52% with women (or something quite close to that).


Many people are right in saying that Obama needs to refocus the campaign -- he needs to beat McCain and not Palin. And, seriously, I'll shit a brick if our country elects someone as divisive as Palin. It's one thing to have different opinions and policy than me. It's another thing to be an attack dog that goes against anyone who won't toe your line.

Americans are fucked up?

Yesterday some lady at the Republican rally for Hispanics that they held in Florida said that she was her 'kind of girl' because she was a professional and a mother.


(Deleted comment)

I think that there is both a strong anti-intellectual bias and an anti-homosexual bias in the US, and both of these lead toward our preference for the beer swillin', gun totin', God blessin' kind of male. But not too God blessin' -- just enough sos you know he ain't a queer. It continues to bother me that people in small towns vote for the people they think are like them rather than voting for the people that will actually help them. I wish people would understand that the Dems actually HELP their monetary situation.

I also think the recent SNL skit (Palin/Clinton) summed up a huge chunk of what is wrong in America.

well they are trying to find something agreeable about her... because her politics and everything she stands for is shit.

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