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We went to the quarry yesterday, to take some pictures.. This is the view from the west side of the quarry, from the old Roman road (now path) that runs through the middle of it..

This is then the view from the south end of the quarry looking north.

And this is a close-up on the water:

From the east side of the quarry, you can see the tunnel that goes under the aforementioned Roman road, to the other side:

We sort of assumed from this that it was entirely submerged and therefore not a viable route:

Here you can really see how it used to be worked:

If you look closely at that picture above, you can see people down in the quarry.. So we figured that there must be a way to get into the place properly, rather than just going around the cliffs along the perimeter.

So anyway, we exited the area, sort of via somebody's garden (well, their land anyway):

This looks like regular terrain. Actually, it's a sheer slope - the trees were growing sideways out of what was basically a cliff, and we had to climb up, using the trees for support. Good fun:

So we went back today and actually went down into the quarry:

A better view of the side of the quarry:

What one might call an "island" I suppose:

This was the old vantage point we used for the old pictures we took (like this)

This is the old way down into the quarry, before the water took it:

So we went through the tunnel and out to the other side of the quarry.. Since that side isn't actually built into the hills themselves, it's a lot less steep and a bit more laid back:

A couple of mating dragonflies had just bounced off the water and left a little ripple:

A couple of pictures of Red Kites, since they were about..

We came across an old lime kiln, from the start of the 20th century.. A few of these were the original occupants of the site before the cement works (now demolished) was built:

And finally, look! Trains!

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These are really beautiful! I love the colour of the water next to the trees, great stuff!

wow -- this is amazing! thanks for sharing :-)

the color of the water is so pretty.

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