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Afternoon already
Oh God... It's only another 10 hours or so before I have to go to sleep, which will then mark the resuming of my work.... I don't want to be employed any more - sod the money, I want my laziness and freedom back! But, if it's OK, can I have the money too?

Oh well, it's been a slow day so far (always good). I tried having breakfast, but my heart simply wasn't in it, and it's now down the sink (the breakfast, as opposed to my heart). Now David has buggered off looking at bathrooms (the inconsiderate git), and I'm left all on my lonesome (except talking to Chris Mears and David Lees)... Oh well... I ought to go shopping later, for kitchen roll, chocolate, the Radio Times, perhaps some pizza bases, and anything else I remember when I'm out. Just, right now, I don't much feel like a 10 minute walk to the shops, followed by 10 minutes back.

Well, there's nothing on TV right now, but I have just spotted "Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo" is on, starting at 12:50. I may well watch that, it's been a long time since I did. I think that's the one where he gets cut in half at one point.... He should've stayed dead....

Ahem... Anyway. Just found that Star Trek Insurrection won't be back on Sky Premier until next Sunday, which is annoying me. Furthermore, I am reminded of a one-year anniversary lasting all this week, which also annoys me. If I'm ever going to start drinking again (I've temporarily given it up), it'll be this week.... Ugh.... Why does life have to be so painful?

Anyhow, I guess it's back to reading other peoples' Live Journals now... Some interesting stuff.... :o)


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