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(no subject)
My mp3 player tells me that 44% of my music is sweet, 35% passionate, 18% cheerful, and just 3% quiet.

Among the "quiet" music it lists Lullaby by Cold Kitten Anxiety - I can't help but feel that this belongs under "cheerful" myself, but perhaps that's just personal taste.. Under "cheerful" it lists such songs as Grounds for Divorce by Elbow, and Unwanted by Avril Lavigne. By this point I decided to give up on any hope that it was accurate :o)

I've entered some sort of weird phase of acquiring all my music legally.. I can see how that might be confusing to some folks, and I'm not sure I know why.. I guess part of it is wanting to get hold of this music on my work laptop - peer to peer download software isn't exactly high on the list of IT-approved software. But more than that, it's nice to not steal..

Still, the actual stuff I'm downloading is.. weird.. As far as genre or consistency goes, this music does not touch on such subjects. It's all sort of pop, kind of, but beyond that it's hard for me to see the commonalities..

Sugababes - About You Now
Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance
Timbaland - The Way I Are
The Pigeon Detectives - Love You For A Day
Animal Collective - Derek
Stars - Petit Mort

I have reached the same conclusion as my brother - the lyrics to "The Way I Are" are actually "The way am are". I can only assume that, upon seeing that the song went "The way I are", somebody tried to explain that it should be am, obviously meaning replacing "are" for "am", but the message wasn't clear, and they replaced the wrong word.. Or something..

Anyway, this is going nowhere, so I'll shut up now :o)

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You could have just ripped the cd for the Black Kids song... :o)

You bought Derek? Good man.

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