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(no subject)
Things I learned today
- The process for creating high-fructose corn syrup
- How we won the Battle of the Beams

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hi :). i apologize for commenting in your personal journal about an issue with ask_me_anything, but i don't know where else to write, so i hope this is ok.
a few days ago i posted this stupid question on ama (what is a stone) and when people started posting google answers i knew i screwed up. i honestly apologize for that and please know it was not my intention to be retarded like that, because im a really nice, serious girl and i don't make mistakes lie that. it was just a moment, i wasn't thinking and my question was actually not about the measure, but how do people calculate that right off their head because im totally confuzed by it. i think i just phrases my q wrong.

ANYWAY, i see now im blocked from answering qs. please forgive me my one mistake, i promise it will not happen again.

if im at the wrong address, i apologize. im in total fear now that im gonna make another mistake.

in any case, sorry to bother you.

ah, thank you so much. :)

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