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(no subject)
Well that was fun.. ed and I just had an hour's worth of playing football, in which we invented possibly the greatest variation on the game ever.. The dynamic was great..

Of course, now I feel absolutely f'king knackered, but that's a good thing.. Exercise is very useful, and I don't get around to doing nearly enough of the stuff.. Hopefully I can find fun things to do that double up as exercise, because lord knows, I can't find the willpower to make it to the gym..

Back in Chinnor now, obviously.. Splitting a weekend between two places is confusing - I keep thinking that it's Saturday evening right now, and of course, it's not.. Work tomorrow.. Ah well, could be worse :o)

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I am most interested to know what exactly the greatest variation on the game ever is, as maybe I'll join you next time I'm home (if you'll let me). God knows I could do with some exercise, and it would be an extremely effective way of getting rid of some of my aggression.

It involves a very small goal and me doing my best impression of Hleb.

I'm fully prepared to do impressions of Lehmann for nostalgia's sake ;o)

That's what James started doing once he realised that it was his best chance of tackling me.

In that case I can pretend to be Adebayor, as I'm sure I won't find it hard to shoot wide whenever there's a clear chance of scoring ;o)

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