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(no subject)
I do like this book case, it reflects us quite well.. Top left, Naomi's copies of Glamour magazine (which I am generally guilty of buying for her), top middle, a load of foreign language tapes of mine (Welsh, Dutch, Portuguese), top right, a load of books on programming languages..

Next row starts with various old video tapes, and ends with issues of Cosmo (again, bought for her, not by her).

Then the last row has Naomi's old psychology text books from uni, and my collection of 50s and 60s era Peanuts strips.

I just think it shows a nice blend of both of us, hobbies, interests, work, etc.. It's stuff like that which makes me sad to think about us being apart again after spending the last two weeks together..

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do you two not live together?

We did, for about three years, we're currently living with our respective parents while we wait for Naomi's new job to start, so as to save money..

Ah, I see. Does she live very far away? I would probably go bonkers if I had to shack up with my parents after living with John for however long we've been living in sin.

:( when do you have to be apart again? Mike is leaving for two weeks tomorrow, I'm not really sure what I'll do with myself :(

(aside from AMA and IRC)

I'm going back to my parents' place tomorrow morning, then seeing her again for part of next weekend, and then after that we'll work it out as we go along :o)

And I'm sure we can find something geeky to keep you occupied with.. Just think how much time you'll have to learn SQL!

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