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And you were there, and you..
Weird dream.. I was on the Big Brother Train, and it was the final, and as people went out of the competition they alighted at stations.. The only two I remember were Stuart, then Mo..

So I'm on this train with Jimbo, and he pulls out this awesome laptop/PDA, and explains that it was £6000, but he's been on Big Brother so he can afford it.. I tell him he's mad.. Then he gets off the train, and is reunited with Claire in Dale/Jen style.

Then I turn to the guy next to me on the train and explain that since I was on Big Brother too, I too will probably be able to afford a nice computer. He doesn't understand, which I at first presume to be because he's Russian.

Then we get to the next station, and a display there shows that Mo came second and Jimbo came first. At this point I realise that since I'm still on the train, it follows then that I was not actually on Big Brother, and as such will be receiving no money.