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(no subject)
God damn it, I hate London sometimes.. I'm on the tube right now, and we just got to a station.. So I'm doing my thing, minding my own business, and a guy bumps into me. So in that split second, I'm feeling annoyed, and just get out of his way, as you do..

A second later, somebody next to me grabs the guy and points him towards the door.. I have just enough time to think to myself how odd this is before I realise that the guy is blind, and I just didn't notice.. Granted, he was holding his stick on the other side of his body so I couldn't see it, but still..

I'm left feeling like I've been exceptionally unhelpful and uncaring, which just typifies the London mentality.. It's not really something to which I aspire...

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In an alternate-universe, evil-James has pushed the man to the floor and beaten him silly before realizing that the man is blind. evil-James then shrugs and says "well, at least he didn't see it coming" before sauntering off.

This universe James is now content to know that he is walking the middle road.

Has BB9 taught you NOTHING???!!!

Sigh. All I can say is...I get it.

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