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(no subject)
Oh dear, I stole a meme from Azz, and it turns out that I'm now some sort of vector for online disease..

ask_me_anything has spawned some sort of messy network of friends relationships, in which there are multiple distinct "routes" between people on my friends list. It means that I can be responsible for putting a meme onto people's friends lists a dozen times, without it ever appearing on my own. I am unrepentent.

Sometimes the Internet has the ability to really surprise me. "My" (if one can even assign ownership to something like that) fundraiser for Liza managed to raise over $3,000 in less than a week. That's some powerful voodoo right there, and gives me all sorts of happy feelings about not only the quality of the membership of that community, but also the general state of human kindness on the Internet.

The more I think about the current state of ask_me_anything, the more I'm reminded of ye olde Adjective Army. Not sure if TMA gets the same feeling off it, and I'll bet that TFD doesn't (otherwise he'd post more than once a week). Perhaps we should try to get Dirk into it, and have some sort of party.. :o)

But seriously, it's very much that feeling of a really good bunch of friends, who are mostly on the same page, and where they're not on the same page they're able to bounce off that difference rather than letting it be a problem. It's just kind of amusing, because it was eight years ago that "the Usenet crowd" migrated to LJ, and yet it's taken all that time for "the Usenet vibe" to do likewise.

At some other point, I should probably attempt to analyse how it is that I manage to become the centre of everything I ever do online.. I'm sure there's some mileage in an exploration of my own ego ;o)

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wow that is wicked impressive about Liza's fundraiser :)

i like what you've done with the community james. the community has grown into a large family and i feel that the community has also helped the members to grow individually as well. i remember my earlier posts and how much of a jerk i was because i was so obviously opinionated and close minded. how embarrassing :(

Who did you sell your soul to to become the king of the internet? =P

Wish I could tell you, but I can't have other people doing the same :o)

There is no Usenet Cabal.

My computer's name is "TINSC" :o)


I post when something vaguely relevant or interesting to me pops up that no-one else has mentioned, but it's often a case of tl;dr due to sheer volume of posts. Plus, what with my life being fairly dull I don't exactly have a lot to contribute ;)

At least in the AA there was always posts about Red Alert, Planetarion, etc...

Seems to me the main reasons you become the centre of everything you do are:

1) You're a leader rather than a follower
2) You communicate well thus followers feel an understanding or rapport with you

Or something like that anyway...

Whats the Adjective Army? I think I have heard of that.

Oh, I wouldn't have thought so..... :o)

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