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(no subject)
It's quite unlike me to ask you lot (my friends list) for anything, largely because I rarely address you in the first place, out of a fear that there's nobody out there. But hey, every now and again it's nice to acknowledge that you all exist, and to ask you for money, because isn't that what friends do?

But seriously folks, if you could take a quick look at this, with a view to potentially helping out if you're able, that would be smashing. It's a crap situation to be in, and I'd like to help all I can.

Thank you :o)

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You're a really good person, James.

i hadnt gotten around to check ama today. Of course i will, everyone else helped me out so fucking much and now i have a few bucks to spare.

omg, thanks for putting this on your FL. I haven't been checking AMA tons recently.

oh, yeah, I friended you :-)

Is there any way to donate without paypal?

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