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Well that was awesome.. Don't have time to write too much about it right now, but it's worth getting the basics down..

On Tuesday night, Naomi came up to London for dinner and a show.. Now that is how you're supposed to spend an evening here :o)

So we went to an awesome Italian restaurant in Covent Garden, and had a lovely meal, with much talking, and good food, and a general good time.. Honestly, the sauce that goes onto that pizza is so good, I don't even know why they bother adding cheese to the pizzas, it's not necessary.. And I never thought I'd find myself thinking anything like that! But seriously, awesome stuff :o)

We finished a bit earlier than I had anticipated, so we took a wander down to Trafalgar Square, which was quite nice (mad woman singing aside).. After spending a bit of time there, we then headed to St James's Park, where they had these funny Topiary Elephants.. So we had a nice sit down and cuddle there for a bit.. It was just rather nice to be able to go to the park with somebody, since when I go at lunchtime it's rather dull and solitary :o)

Then it was time to head over to the theatre, so we made our way (sort of randomly) towards the theatre.. No queues or anything, which was nice, we just went straight on in. The seats weren't exactly the best, being in the circle, but we had a fairly clear view of almost all the stage.. Um, there's a whole rant I can go into about how the amount of space the theatre gives you is not entirely appropriate to the length of my legs, but I'll skip it for now..

Anyway, point is, Phantom of the Opera is excellent. Like, really really good.. The casting had obviously been done with a different vision in mind than in the original (from which the Cast Recording was derived), or the movie, but it wasn't worse in my opinion, just different.. Christine was less annoying than Sarah Brightman, but sang some bits differently in a way that I didn't think was as good, but it's hard to tell if it was the direction or the singer.. There were certainly some pronunciation issues that affected several of the parts, so I'm wondering if it's how they've been told to do it..

So yes, I really rather liked the whole thing.. I've spent the last two days with the songs going around in my head constantly, so that has to be a good sign, and there were plenty of points where I got real tingles :o)

In short, an excellent night.. I'll aim to write something a bit more descriptive later :o)
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I've heard the Sarah Brightman recording. Who is Christine? How different was it from the film?

I enjoyed reading your post.

Hope my husband doesn't read this. :O

Oh maaaan I'm jealous you got to see Phantom. I've never had the pleasure of seeing it outside the movie, but it's hands down my favorite movie.

I also just wandered over here from AMA and I gotta tell ya, I find you dreamy!
You have a very attractive polo shirt.

Re: Hope my husband doesn't read this. :O

It's a good job I already saw Carrie's dare.. Consider your job done :o)

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