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(no subject)
Good grief..

I don't know why, but it appears that my feet haven't entirely stopped growing.. I am now pretty much off the scale, size-wise.. This lunch time I had to buy size 48 shoes (which is about 12.5 in UK, 13ish in US)..

Why do my feet do this to me?!

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That would certainly explain the weight gain in such a way as to make it:

a) Not really my fault
b) Easily removed

I shall call the doctor and arrange an immediate c-section of my fat.

It's just the style of the shoe :o) I'm a 4.5 - 5.5 depending on the shop and style of the shoe.

I do like the pregnancy explanation better though. I'd rather your feet (and belly) had to grow than mine.

That could well be it - the problem with the size 12 shoe was primarily the width - I couldn't get my foot into it in order to find out if it was long enough :o(

Hehe, do you have a flappy bit at the end of your foot now? :D

You should let me take you shoe shopping - I'd sort you out!

Your entry gives me thought for ama!! :)

...so this is what caused the penis size advertising!

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