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(no subject)
Of course, on the flip-side of London, sometimes it's a wee bit dodgy..

The other day I was walking along a street, and a rather scruffy chap of no fixed abode (is vagrant a politically correct term?) was ambling along just behind me. He seemed in something of a daze, and randomly walked out into the road in front of a bus, which promptly stopped. Whilst the driver was gesticulating wildly with his hands, presumably instructing the vagrant to "kindly allow me to pass, if you would sir", the guy just kind of stood there, staring at the front of the bus, appearing not to actually understand the situation.

So here we are, a bus having to wait while a homeless guy just stands in front of it, staring vacantly.. Eventually the guy wandered out of the way of the bus, and it continued to the junction just ahead. When it stopped there, the guy suddenly seemed to be possessed by some sort of purpose, walked straight up to the bus door, hit the emergency door-open button on the side, and walked on to confront the driver. At this point I'm thinking "Great, he's going to come out screaming, covered in the blood of innocents", but it actually all turned out rather amicably, he got off the bus, and went on his merry way.

Still, bit of a creepy moment, when the mad-man suddenly decides to board a bus full of people... And there's the thing with London, for every nice road, there are a half-dozen slightly dodgy roads coming off it... Still, I like to think that I'm large enough and unapproachable enough as to avoid negative attention :o)