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(no subject)
Going through my stuff, I found my GCSE science book, which was used at the end of the year as a makeshift signing book.. So here's the notes out of it:

Mr Corness (GCSE Science): James, you have been an enthusiastic scientist and have frequently impressed me with the depth of your appreciation of the subject. Your mind is unusual and exceptional. I have greatly enjoyed our philosophical hypothetical discussions (it is highly unusual to find these qualities in a yr11 science group). I hope you find a future which matches both your abilities and enthusiasm to acquire a deep understanding of the world. Take care James, all the very best.

Chris: To James, erm, well, see you next year

Not sure who: Webley, your a sad anarak and you are going to die a virgin!! You've been a brilliant friend and I'll keep in touch.

Emma: Dear James, just writing to say I'll miss all our science lessons but you'll have to keep emailing me. Oh yes, and I am a natural blonde!! Good luck with all your exams, luv, Emma

Charlotte: I'd rather not sign your "thing" thanks Webley. Why on earth am I witing a message in your science book (you're even more of a cheap skate than I am). Oh well, love you loads. See you next year. Charlotte.

Benny: To James. Good luck with your exams (you'll need it) see you on Monday. Benjamin D.

There's also a lot of commentary throughout the book, between myself, Ben and Emma, discussing Benny's various failings and the degree to which I don't love him.. That takes me back :o)