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(no subject)
I had another nice long walk this evening.. Set out at 8:30pm, got home at about 9:40pm, for a healthy four miles..

The edge of Thame is 3.6 miles from home, by road (one way, of course). My journey today took me about 40% of the way there, roughly (though I went in a loop, hence any discrepancies distance-wise). At some point, hopefully with nice weather, Edward and I are going to go on a walk there - my walk today was a little exploration of some of the footpaths around the local area.. There are plenty of the things - you can pretty much get anywhere with them :o)

Of course, there's a limited number of places we can go with this.. To the north, there's Princes Risborough - already walked there once. Or nearer, there's Bledlow - walked there twice in the last week. To the west there's Thame, which is next on the list. To the south there's Watlington, but that's about six miles away, is fairly boring, and lacks public transport home. It would be hard to see the point. To the east, Stokenchurch - again, no real point in going there, but at least it's only four miles away if we fancied it (though largely uphill).

Still, it's good fun.. Walking to places that we've been to all our lives, but never on foot.. And the exercise isn't bad either :o)
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