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(no subject)
So yes, I was on TV, which was neat.. Only for a few seconds, unless you count the wide angle shots of the whole audience (in which my mother was able to pick me out, but I doubt many people could)..

They cut a load of stuff out though, as you might expect.. A ton of stuff about Tim Robbins, and Susan Sarandon's family, along with lots of stuff about her movies.. The best part, which I'm a bit sad that they cut out, started off as a conversation about Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins' Academy Awards. As it happens, they keep them in the bathroom, for reasons I won't go into here. Anyway, there was a segment where they'd set up a bathroom for those people who didn't make it into the show (and instead had to watch from the green room), and placed an Oscar on the counter in there. There was a hidden camera, and the idea was that if anybody picked it up, Oscars music would play and whoever picked it up would be very embarrassed..

So yes, various groups of girls came in (girls never seem to go alone), and time after time they picked up the Oscar, music played, they either put it down immediately and ran out, or Graham spoke to them through some speakers or whatever, and it was all good fun. Then the last time, a couple of girls came in, did their thing, then saw the Oscar. Upon one of them picking it up, the music started up. Panicking, the girl in question stuffed the Oscar into her jacket and legged it out of the door as fast as possible, all to frenzied applause and laughter from the audience.

Now that was quite amusing TV.. However, I suspect I know why it didn't make it into the show. When I was on the way out, the member of the audience who was involved in the prank call segment (who was sitting just behind me, hence my brief appearance on screen) was being asked to sign what appeared to be a release, so that they could use it on TV. I would therefore imagine that it's a requirement that people who are to actually feature on the show have to sign a release, and I'm guessing that the girl who was seen stealing would probably not have been willing to sign a piece of paper allowing the whole country to see her doing that.

Shame :o)

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Anywhere we can see this? Oh, by the way I friended you, in case you couldn't tell. :D

Hmm, good question.. I tried looking for the relevant torrents, but to no avail.. The episode should be on BBC America possibly at 10pm on June 14th - you'd have to check the listings for that though..

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