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(no subject)
Today has been a day for seeing nature, which is kind of fitting since it's theoretically the first day of summer and all that..

I saw bunnies from the train (though that happens a lot), which was nice..

But then in the car home, I saw a Tawny Owl perched on a fence-post by the side of the road, and as we approached it turned its head to look at us.. That was pretty cool :o)

Then this afternoon while out with my brother I saw a good dozen Red Kites circling overhead, which is a fairly respectable number..

And finally, just now, I was standing in the open patio doorway to the back garden, and two Song Thrushes landed just in front of me, and proceeded to hop around the garden together.. I can't think of having seen any Thrushes since I was quite little, so that was cool :o)