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(no subject)
I just had a lengthy dream in which I was, for all intents and purposes, God. Between myself, my father and my brother, we had an ancient artifact which allowed us to do anything. Go invisible, pass through matter, command the will of others, cause objects to come into being, and a ton of other stuff. I could bring about anything I wanted to happen. I'm not going to lie, it was awesome.

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Well, the three of us were driving to a gig (to perform no less), and we turned our car invisible, allowed it to pass through other cars, and drive as fast as we wanted..

When we arrived, I realised that I'd only brought my brother's acoustic guitar, and it was really quiet and wouldn't work, so I summoned forth a better guitar.

Later it transpired that Edward Norton was trying to track us down to steal the thing from me, but that was a subplot that went away pretty quickly..

A little later I started worrying that I might wish for something that didn't happen, and that I would lose my faith. In spite of the previous magic that had come about, I sort of had a crisis at that point, and stopped wishing for stuff.

Then we went bowling, and I saw somebody there that I knew from school. She's married now, and I never actually fancied her, but to test the powers I wished for her to make a pass at me. She virtually took her top off and came over and suggested that we head off together. I used my powers to send her away, since the point really was just the test. In spite of the powers still working, when it came to bowling, I still missed the spare :o(

There was other stuff too.. It was basically like going through life with every computer game cheat code you can imagine activated :o)

The Edward Norton cameo makes this dream 1000X better. Sounds like an insane amount of fun. Also, your dreams appear to follow a fairly linear structure. My subconscious is jealous.

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