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(no subject)
Hmm.. My knee seems to be absolutely buggered, but with hindsight, bodies heal so it's probably not the worst thing that could've happened..

In my right pocket, I had my mobile phone. In my jacket pocket, my mp3 player. In my other jacket pocket, my digital camera. In my rucksack strap, my other mobile phone. In the rucksack itself, I had my laptop. As far as I know, none of those things are self-repairing, so it's a good job that none of them got trashed :o)

Also, my reasonably expensive in-ear headphones came apart, not quite sure how, but the buds for both earphones came off - had those been lost, that's those headphones rendered useless.. Fortunately, my first thought upon getting up again was "Must find my headphones", which saved me a bit of hassle and money..

All in all, as crashing to the ground in a bloodied heap goes, this wasn't too bad. Now if somebody could just fix my knee, that would be great..

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Yup, that's pretty much what I said at the time too :o(

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